Kerbal (Free Pattern)

Amiguruthi is boldly going where no amigurumi has gone before (probably) – SPACE.

Or near space anyway.

Let me explain.

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a lovely bloke in the states for a commission. He’d seen my Readers Gallery and was interested in the Kerbal I’d featured. We discussed it further, during which I’d said I didn’t make the featured Kerbal and offered to put him in touch with the original crocheter, however he decided he’d like to commission a whole new amiguruthi original from me instead, making a slightly bigger Kerbal for a near space balloon project (one of those where they send up a balloon to the edge of space to take photos). Yup – my yarny creation is going to be an almost astronaut!

Here’s the first result (Yarndango 40):

Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi Kerbal


This one is called John. His new owner liked him so much he commissioned a second one too, this one with a screaming face:

Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi KerbalHe’s called Glenn (Yarndango 41?). I hope his screaming isn’t portentous for the mission. Although Kerbal’s are meant to die horrible painful deaths in space travel related crashes…

Free pattern is after the jump if you fancy making your own.

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