Monkey Phone Case (Free pattern)

Hiya everyone. Again, I haven’t really had much chance to do non-project related crochet this week but luckily I have a pattern held in reserve for just this occasion!

So a few weeks back, I lost my phone case. It was one of the sock ones with Eeyore on the front, mislabelled ‘Eyeore’ in that great knock off way. My Mum gave it me cos I kept complaining my phone was going to get scratched. Anyway, when I lost it I went hunting for a crochet patterns to make a new one. There are some lovely ones out there, but they were mainly grown up looking or heavily featured owls (and owls aren’t my thing. I’ve nothing against them, they just don’t give me the glee other people seem to be getting from them at the moment). So I made up this dude:

Amiguruthi monkey case

Not quite an amigurumi, but close enough to count for this blog! Apologies for the bad photography – my phone has an awesome camera, but unfortunately my phone was in the case, and I had to nick my boyfriends. It’s meant to be better, but really isn’t.

The head flips off to open the case in case you were wondering. Free pattern and photos after the jump.

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