Midweek Squee: Ravellenic Lemming

Hi all, just a quicky for you.

You may recall I took part in the Ravelry Olympics event, Ravellenic? I was part of Team Planet June and I made the Hammer Throwing Lemming:

Well you can now also see the other entries he was competing with on Planet June’s blog. My Lemming is on there tagged with my Ravelry name, HotPinkCrayola (which I need to look into changing in line with Amiguruthi! Feel free to add me btw). He didn’t win gold (gold being shop vouchers, free patterns or free safety eyes, the latter of which I totally wanted lol) but as you’ll see he had some stiff competition 🙂

Team GB Olympic Hammer Throwing Lemming (link to free pattern)

The Olympics have started! I watched the opening ceremony, felt proud to be British, and then probably won’t be watching any more until the closing ceremony. I’m just not that into sport…

But, I am into Lemmings and I am into crochet, so I got involved with the Ravellenic – Ravelry’s wooly answer the the Olympics. The idea is that you join a team and submit your creations in different events to win ‘medals’. I joined Team Planet June, because I’ve wanted to crochet her Lemming pattern for the longest time. Here’s my entry to the Toy Toss: The Team GB Hammer Throwing Lemming!

More photos and a pattern analysis after the jump, but if you just want to get the patten follow the link above.

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