Oogie Boogie (Free Pattern)

Hi y’all. Today’s blog post is a lot later than normal, because I slept and played an epic DnD campaign. It’s nice to put off blogging with things that aren’t work though!

Ok so, what do I have for you today then? Well, some of you who have me added on Facebook will have seen this when I first made it, which was actually at Christmas time. I was going to make it a piece of art work, but I’ve never quite come up with an idea I really liked, so I’ve decided to release the pattern anyway. From a suggestion by a Facebook friend, one crochet block filled day was smashed by *drumroll please*

Oogie Boogie!

oogie normal amiguruthiNow you might be asking ‘what are those spots on his stomach?’ (unless you saw me post this as a WIP all those months ago). WELL, Oogie has a secret. See, when you shine a light on him, he reflects it back at you!

oogie light amiguruthiArgh! The spots are the legs of huge gross spiders! Argh!


Sorry. I bought some light reflective yarn (read, thin strips of plastic) and he seemed the perfect project for it. Pattern after the jump (although sadly without construction photos ‘cos I forgot to take them!). Also not included was an awesome suggestion from the same Facebooker who suggested him in the first place – making lots of little crochet bugs and filling him with those. Add a zip to close the hole and then when unzipped they’d all come bursting out. Yeah, that would’ve been awesome…

Shame I’d already finished him by that point 😦

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