Give away: Gizmo vs Puppy Love

Howdy y’all. I looked at the stats for last week and little Gizmo helped me to my best week on the blog ever, smashing personal records on a daily basis. I’m very proud of him for that. BUT he’s still getting some hefty competition for views from another of my patterns which is, surprisingly for a blog with so many cats, Puppy Love.


These two ami’s are responsible for a lot of my traffic, and their publishing also correlated to a big spike in my Facebook likes too. Now, I logged on to Facebook this morning to see I stood at 297 likes. So I thought to myself, SELF! NOW IS GIVE AWAY TIME!

(I’m bad at give aways – I said I’d do one for 100 likes, then for 200 likes, then I considered for 250 likes. So be amazed I actually caught this one!).

Because these two patterns are my top runners, whoever wins the give away will get to choose which one they receive.

Iiiiiiiiin the red corner, weighing in at not very much, is Gizmo! He’s a monster spawning cutie with a heart of gold and a headband of DEATH! (Bow and arrow not included to avoid damage during travel).

Gizmo Amiguruthi

Iiiiiiiiin the blue corner, weighing in at about the weight of a hot dog, is Puppy Love! Ambiguous in gender but wearing the loveablest little ear warmers/ head phones you could ever wish to see.

amiguruthi puppy love

So how do you enter? Well, I’m going to keep this simple. First of all, you must be a fan on my Facebook page. Then you have two opportunities for your name to go in the hat:

1) Comment on this blog post telling me which ami you prefer.

2) Comment on the pinned status on my Facebook page telling me which ami you prefer.

The ami with the most votes will be crowned champion, but the draw for receiving won’t be affected by it’s popularity – the champion may not necessarily be the ami posted out. And hey, if you don’t like any of them but want to try a wildcard of any of my other ami’s, I’ll allow it (although I can’t guarantee the ami is still in my possession, so if you choose a different one and win you might be asked to repick).

And of course, I do have to get to 300 Facebook likes, so get sharing 😉

Good luck! Entry deadline is next Sunday (the 2nd June) at whatever time I decide to get up.