Amiguruthi goes to the craft faire.

Hi everyone. This is a couple of weeks late but I still wanted to post it cos it was quite a big thing for me, even if it was pretty much a fail! Plus, it’ll give you a sneak peek of a couple of free patterns I’ll be posting soon.

A couple of weeks back me and my friend did a craft faire together. It was at our old high school (which was super weird because between us leaving and the faire ten years later it had been burnt down and rebuilt to look like something out of Glee!). We arrived super early and set out our stall:

Amiguruthi stall

That’s my friend Jenny. She does some amazing graphic art and you can check her out at

I had on my branded t-shirt:

I’d even got business cards made:

Amiguruthi craft faire

Here’s my stock:

2013-11-17 09.43.38 2013-11-17 09.43.28 2013-11-17 09.43.15 2013-11-17 09.43.07 2013-11-17 09.42.59 2013-11-17 09.42.52 Amiguruthi craft faire

All patterns my own, expect for:
Owl pattern by A Morning Cup of Jo Creations.
Mini Minion pattern by Mad Crochet Lab.
Super Hero Pencils, Santa and Rudolf coming soon to Amiguruthi!

The day was five hours long and I sold a grand total of (drum roll please…) FOUR ITEMS!

Yeah, four. One of which was to my own Mum. Although I did sell three of the owls to a friend later on and I also gave away a Rudolf and a Wonder Woman Pencil.

To be honest although I’m a little miffed I didn’t expect to sell much because footfall at the event was dire – maybe twenty people came in all day! Asking round not even the more experienced stall holders sold much either. Oh well. I’ll consider doing another next year but we need to research a popular one first I think. Plus my stock can go to a local gallery in town who I have contacts with and who say they’re happy to sell my stuff (they’ve done so before). It was a fun experience and that’s the main thing right?

Ok, I PROMISE I’ll be back with a free pattern next time. The run up to Christmas is very busy so I can’t promise when, but I’ll let you help choose – just comment below with your favourite and I’ll post that pattern first.

Super Hero Pencils, Santa and Rudolf, or The Lady?

Super Hero Pencils, Santa and Rudolf, or The Lady?