Fluttershy Scarflette (Free Pattern)

Hello, I’m back.

It’s been ridiculous here, with essays, lesson planning and even one day where I got up ready to rock and was forced back to bed by the other half because I nearly collapsed due to a massive head cold. One day of sleep and some much needed R’n’R (rest and relaxation, not rock and roll of course) and I feel much more human.

But it does mean that I still haven’t finished the WIP I’ve been excitedly wanting to post for, oh almost a month now. *Sigh*

Instead, here’s a pattern I threw together ages ago but haven’t posted here before¬†because, well, it isn’t an amigurumi. (I had to search my blog to make sure I hadn’t posted it anyway though).¬†Amiguruthi is returning to her girly roots with the Fluttershy Scarflette!

fluttershy scarflette amiguruthi


For those of you asleep under a rock, Fluttershy is the cute yellow pegasus from the incredibly popular ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’, one of my obsessions. This scarflette (a mini scarf) is based on her cutie mark, the pink butterfly.

Free pattern after the jump.

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