Unhappy Big Slug (Free Pattern Modification)

Remember Unhappy Lil’ Slug? He slimed up to me recently and pointed out a design contest going on at Amigurumi Patterns.net. You have to design an ami in a work outfit essentially.

“You’re too small,” I said, looking into his soulful eyes and feeling bad. “And unemployed.”

Which is when he introduced me to his big brother. Unhappy Big Slug.


Amiguruthi Unhappy Big Slug


Unhappy Big Slug is made out of Wendy Pampas Mega Chunky Yarn, to the exact same pattern as Unhappy Lil’ Slug. He’s huge. Giant.

A Slugzilla.

And also unemployed currently. But he’s open to trying out some options.

The butler uniform didn’t fit…

Amiguruthi Unhappy Big Slug


He couldn’t open the door so concierge is out…

Amiguruthi Unhappy Big Slug

Oven gloves baffled him too much to take up baking…

Amiguruthi Unhappy Big Slug


And something just felt wrong about being a chef…

Amiguruthi Unhappy Big Slug

In desperation we took to Facebook. So far the suggestions include:

Yellow Line road marker
Security guard
Junk collector
Vegetable farmer
Tax inspector
Traffic Warden
HR Manager
Post Slug
Cog lubricator
Nickelodian Slime Producer
Aquarium cleaner
Job in IT
Joke shop owner
Fast food worker
Clothes Presser
Census taker
Custom carer at the German statutory pension insurance scheme
Salt tester
Lollypop Slug for school children crossing the road

Lots of things for him to try out in the weeks before the competition closes. Well, maybe not salt tester…
Any more suggestions gratefully received!


Readers Gallery 2

Hi everyone.

I was going to post what I’d made for my sister’s birthday tomorrow, but then I realised she might then see it before I give it her, so delay that one a week.

Instead, I’ve been collecting images of people’s versions of my patterns again. I love seeing photos of things you guys have made from my designs, so please if you have any you haven’t sent me or which haven’t been put on Ravelry do email me at amiguruthi@hotmail.co.uk. Especially if you’ve made something based on my Basic Amigurumi Human Base – I’m saving them for the next Readers Gallery.

First up is one of my favourite things I’ve been sent – a Giant Rubber Duck!

pamvdz Ravelry Duck3 pamvdz Ravelry Duck2 pamvdz Ravelry Duck1

pamvdz was incredibly helpful in testing this pattern and sent me quite a few corrections I had missed which I really appreciated. And look! Purple duck! I’m impressed.

I’ve been sent a few other cool things too – my Flail is pretty popular. I’ve been sent it in it’s classic form:

o0dove0o Ravelry Flail


In bright pink girl form:

CharminglyWicked Ravelry Flail


And in super upsized incredibly spiky form!:

jld2247 Ravelry Flail

jld2247. I don’t think I can take credit for this one, except in the form of inspiration. I love it though. EDIT: She’s just Ravelry messaged me and added: ‘The handle is 19.5 inches long. The ball is roughly 32 inches in circumference. And the spikes are 6.5 inches long.’

Also popular is my Batman Keyring. I’ve been sent them from S-Max Jewels:

S-Max Jewels Batman Facebook

And janiewaah, who made Robin and The Joker as well.

janiewaah Ravelry batman janiewaah Ravelry robin janiewaah Ravelry joker

(They’re posed in egg cups – I thought they were giant teeth).

A pattern still getting a lot of hits is Puppy Love. And manatina has used it for a lovely tribute to her friend’s dog MacArther, who is pictured in the background.  

manatina puppy love

A few months back now, the Treblemaking Hookers on Facebook had a Yarn Bombing day. I didn’t get my butt in gear in time to join in, but Denise Niemann chose my Unhappy Lil’ Slug to bomb her local Post Office with – hopefully he’s nicely happy with some mystery recipient!

Denise Niemann slug at post officeDenise Niemann slug

A little hint to the future now – I released my Cute Lil’ VooDoo Doll pattern last year when I was still learning to crochet. He’s been popular, but I’ve reworked him for a future post as a re-release, and he actually looks more like Jamie Lasher’s version here:

Jamie Lasher Voodoo doll email

You’ll also see my Fat Gnome re-jigged if you download my Guide to Crochet, but here’s Cmaizy’s version using the original pattern. I love the bird in the background!

Cmaizy Gnome

Another pattern I’ll be talking about in the near future is my Jellyfish. Here’s Laweinberger‘s version to remind you what it looks like – I like the stretched out tentacles on hers.

Laweinberger Jellyfish Ravelry

And lets end on the second biggest invaders of the crochet community behind the owl – Minions! I posted my pattern this time last year, and Tiverknitter sent me a few that she’d made.

Tiverknitter Minion Ravelry

That’s all for now – again, I LOVE seeing your stuff, so please do add them to my Ravelry, post them on my Facebook or drop me a photo by email as above. If I’ve included your project today and not credited you it’s because I don’t have a link to your internet presence, so just let me know and I’ll add it in 🙂

Moar slugs!

I’ve been off uni/work for a week due to the Easter holidays. Now, people rant about teachers getting so many holidays, and I have to admit, 12 weeks holiday a year is not to be sniffed at. But what people don’t seem to realise is that in those holidays, teachers actually still work, planning lessons and making resources and so on. Yesterday alone I started lesson planning at around 11am and finished at close to 7pm, which is a full work day. Yes it starts later and I’m sat on my sofa in my own clothes, but it’s still working!

Anyway, why am I ranting about this? Because I want to crochet damn it! I want to make a super awesome free pattern that’ll make you all go ‘Oooh!’.

Ah well, that’s what the six weeks off over summer must be for 😉

To place hold, I whipped up some more slugs for my Yarndango project number 36ish. They’re super quick and give me my fix without making me feel guilty about those students reports I haven’t written yet…

Introducing Happy Lil’ Slug:

Amiguruthi Happy Slug







Made from fuzzy purple wool she’s got a lovely strokable body and a huuuuuge grin. She’s the exact counter point to Unhappy Lil’ Slug. As you can see from the photo, she likes fizzy drinks. Lots of them. Perhaps the caffeine and sugar rush is why she’s so fuzzy round the edges…

And also introducing Dramatic Lil’ Slug:

Amiguruthi Dramatic Slug







Dramatic Lil’ Slug is bright, bubbly and has a tenancy to be over the top whatever his emotion. Luckily for the photo he was in a good mood – when he gets worried about something there’re trails all over the house from his endless pacing…

Dramatic Lil’ Slug was actually made in a theatre. The other half and I are rehearsing a play with our local amateur dramatic group, and I have a huge chunk in the second act when I’m not on. Good excuse to sit and crochet isn’t it?

Original slug pattern available on Unhappy Lil’ Slug’s page.


Unhappy Lil Slug (Free Pattern)

Now slugs don’t sound like the cutest things, but this is going to make you aww – I present: The Unhappy Lil’ Slug!

Unhappy Lil Slug Amiguruthi

Unhappy Lil Slug started life as Pusheen, the incredibly popular animated cat. My crochet hook wasn’t having any of that though and chucked out this little guy (to be fair, I’ve made a heck lot of cats with it in the past).

Totally simple pattern (Yarndango number 34 possibly 35) and oodles of photos of the Slug being Unhappy about various things around my house after the jump.

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