Jelly Tot Sprite (Free Pattern)

I am back in the time stream! By which I mean what you are reading is a post typed up and posted on the same day, not one of my scheduled posts from the past. My house move went ok, although we’ve been living here for six weeks and the spare rooms are still not unpacked because life happened. Me and the mister are involved with an amateur theatre group, who decided to do a challenge of putting on ‘How the Other Half Loves’ (a very complicated Alan Ayckbourn play) with only six weeks of rehearsals, which mean I haven’t had an evening free to unpack since roughly five weeks ago! But that goes on this week (wish me luck!) so after that I’ll be free to unpack and finally sort out my craft half room. I’m taking over half of one of the spare rooms, as much out of necessity as design. My wool stash is currently piled haphazardly in a corner and my amigurumi are in a box waiting to be displayed.

Anyway, enough waffle from me. On to the interesting stuff: a new pattern! Partial credit goes to Geek Girl Crochet who inadvertently helped me with the head when she was trying to help me with my Clanger. It’s not the exact pattern she helped me write, because I changed the last third while I was messing about, but I wouldn’t have concocted the rest of this creature without her input, so thank you!

Without further ado, here is the Jelly Tot Sprite:

The Jelly Tot Sprite is one of those creations which was never intended to be made, but which forced itself upon my hook and wouldn’t leave until she was created. She’s a little bit creepy like that. She’s bigger than anything I’ve designed before, standing a good six inches tall. The hypnotic eyes will make you feel slightly uncomfortable, but will burn into your soul and won’t let you leave her. But it’s ok, she can be easily appeased with chocolate milk.

I have no idea why she’s called the Jelly Tot Sprite. It just seemed to fit. She was going to be a mushroom…

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