Midweek Squee: Moving House

This week is The Week of Stress.

I am moving house.

I hate moving house. Well, no, I’ll love moving house, I just hate packing. My house is full of boxes and half packed rooms and totally NO MOTIVATION to finish packing because PACKING WAS INVENTED BY THE DEVIL. If only I were rich enough to pay someone to do it for me…

Anyway, with the house move comes ENFORCED INTERNET WITHDRAWAL! (Yes, I’m shouting a lot today. I feel shouty). I won’t be back online regularly until November.


That’s ages.

I’m going to try find time to schedule some weekly posts – no midweek squees for a while unfortunately, but I’ve got at least one pattern held back that I’ll try set posting automatically on Sundays, and a couple of links to others work I’ve done too. So there should be content at least. I won’t be able to reply to comments probably, unless I take the laptop to a wifi hotspot and have time for a quick browse. I’ll try respond to any I get when I come back online though, so do still comment on stuff and ask questions, just be patient waiting for an answer.

Bye bye internet for now!