Readers Gallery 1

This week I started on something that I’m really excited about, but it’s taking longer than I expected to finish (plus I splattered part of it with bolognaise sauce, so I need to scrub it. Memo to self – do not eat messy food near the WIP!). So you’re gonna have to wait a little longer for that. clue – it’s something from the 80s and is cute with a hidden secret…

Feel free to guess in the comments, although I’m mean so I won’t say yay or nay lol.

Anyway, because I don’t have an ami to post, I thought I’d finally show you all some photos of work that’s been done by other people using my patterns.

First up, lets start with the very first pattern I ever posted, The Fat Gnome. This version was made by Ravelry user hookedmomma. I love how she made him Christmassy by adding the Santa style hat.

HookedMomma Fat Gnome Santa Ravlery

I have actually since redone this pattern, and you can find the edit in my downloadable Guide to Crochet.

Next up are two new creation based on the body pattern of my Castle Crashers Knight by Ravelry user Eidolon. On the top is Master Chief from the Halo games, made for her son, and on the bottom is her husband’s gift, Kerbal from Kerbal Space Programme, which I’d not heard of before but looks pretty cool. I love the knitted companion cube too!

eidolon Castle Crasher to Master Chief Ravelry eidolon Castle Crasher to Kerbal

Speaking of game characters, one of my most popular patterns has been Om Nom from Cut the Rope. I’m almost glad my house got flooded, giving me the day to make him and meaning that I’ve gotten to see all these ace versions!

First one to come to me was from Serajah Meijer via Facebook (let me know if you have a blog or page to link Serajah!). I love how she’s posed him mid-nom, and the crochet teeth are great 😀

Serajah Meijer Om Nom Facebook

The second OmNom to come through was from Mummon Pajukori, a Finnish blogger. Google Translate isn’t good enough for me to find her name, so I if anyone knows it please let me know. Another food filled pose (Om Nom just inspires it lol). I like the fabric eyes on this one too. om nom

Thirdly came Kraftyness‘s version (spookily, she has the same blog template as me – great minds think alike clearly). omnom 2

Not only did she make Om Nom, following a request from a friend, she even went so far as to make his box home too! I love it. omnom

And the latest Om Nom to be sent to me came to my email about a week ago from Joanna (again, let me know if you have a blog or page to link to). She made him as a present too for her boyfriend, and has added her own spin by extending his legs and more crochet teeth. Makes him look even more eager for Noms!

Joanna Om Nom

On the theme of popular patterns, one of the most viewed patterns on my blog is Puppy Love (more dog people than cat people on the internet for once!). I’ve had one version sent to me so far, from Ravelry user DaniSt. Her version even had a lead, and I really like the colour choice.

DaniSt Puppy Love 2

The final version for my gallery is another one of my older patterns, the Cute Lil Voodoo Doll. Ravelry user velcromidway made this one, extending the body and legs from my original to add her own touch.

Velcromidway Voodoo Doll

I’ve really loved getting messages from people who’ve had a go at my patterns, and the feedback they’ve sent has been appreciated just as much as the photos. If you’ve made one of my ami’s please do send me a photo, either to amiguruthi[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk or by sending me a message on Facebook or adding a version on Raverly, and I’ll start collecting for another gallery!