Contest Gizmo vs Puppy Love – the results

Hi everyone!

Results day is here. Thank you to everyone who entered the Gizmo vs Puppy Love contest. The hands down winner with 23 out of 25 votes was Gizmo!

Behold the glorious conqueror!

Behold the glorious conqueror!

I do love Gizmo myself and if I were impartial he’d be my vote too, much as I love Puppy Love. BUT that doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily be the ami given away. Who is the lucky winner of an Amiguruthi Original?

TO THE DEMON HAT! Complete with photo bombing slugs. And terrible video quality – webcams are just not what they should be lol*.

Well done to the lucky winner! From the super awesome coding at the bottom of the paper strip I can see you commented right here on the blog, and you’re claiming Gizmo – congratulations, he’s all yours (I’ll miss him though – might have to make another now!).
I can’t comment on the Facebook profile you commented via to get your postal address, so please get in touch with me on my Facebook page or by emailing amiguruthi[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk.

Commiserations to the unlucky entrants, but remember you can always make your own Gizmo or Puppy Love following the patterns linked 😀

*Demon Hat: Part of Amiguruthi’s 21st birthday part costume, often worn at the randomest of times and usually nicked by friends for photo bombing opportunities. Honestly, it’s practically a celebrity in it’s own right!
Music credit: Meat Loaf: Monstro (Bat Out of Hell 3: The Monster is Loose)