Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion (Free Pattern)

Two weeks without an update? Oops. Sorry. Last weekend I gave myself time off from working to go have a life, and that meant I didn’t get to update. But Halloween is coming up rapidly, and I missed joining in last year for one reason or another so here’s this years super quick sacrifice. Erm, offering. Crochet pattern. That’s the one – this year’s crochet pattern. Extra to the Shrunken Heads of course.

Meet the Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion.

Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion Amiguruthi

She’s sort of similar to my Cute Lil’ VooDoo Doll, but a bit more, well, dead. Splattered as it says. Handy for keeping the pins at hand of course. So don’t feel too sad – she does have gainful employment. Big Unhappy Slug is still job hunting by the way. Update soon.

Free pattern after the jump.

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Unhappy Big Slug (Free Pattern Modification)

Remember Unhappy Lil’ Slug? He slimed up to me recently and pointed out a design contest going on at Amigurumi Patterns.net. You have to design an ami in a work outfit essentially.

“You’re too small,” I said, looking into his soulful eyes and feeling bad. “And unemployed.”

Which is when he introduced me to his big brother. Unhappy Big Slug.


Amiguruthi Unhappy Big Slug


Unhappy Big Slug is made out of Wendy Pampas Mega Chunky Yarn, to the exact same pattern as Unhappy Lil’ Slug. He’s huge. Giant.

A Slugzilla.

And also unemployed currently. But he’s open to trying out some options.

The butler uniform didn’t fit…

Amiguruthi Unhappy Big Slug


He couldn’t open the door so concierge is out…

Amiguruthi Unhappy Big Slug

Oven gloves baffled him too much to take up baking…

Amiguruthi Unhappy Big Slug


And something just felt wrong about being a chef…

Amiguruthi Unhappy Big Slug

In desperation we took to Facebook. So far the suggestions include:

Yellow Line road marker
Security guard
Junk collector
Vegetable farmer
Tax inspector
Traffic Warden
HR Manager
Post Slug
Cog lubricator
Nickelodian Slime Producer
Aquarium cleaner
Job in IT
Joke shop owner
Fast food worker
Clothes Presser
Census taker
Custom carer at the German statutory pension insurance scheme
Salt tester
Lollypop Slug for school children crossing the road

Lots of things for him to try out in the weeks before the competition closes. Well, maybe not salt tester…
Any more suggestions gratefully received!


Minion Goggles (Free Pattern)

Quick question for you all – how many Minion amigurumi or hats have you seen in the last week? Roughly a million?

Yes, the Minions are still super popular, and it doesn’t look set to abate any time soon. Which is awesome because I love the Minions, but it’s getting harder to find an original way to celebrate the love.

So it’s lucky that someone on my Facebook mused at the idea of being a Minion for Halloween this year, because otherwise I would never have been inspired to make these:

Amiguruthi Minion Goggles


Look ma – I’m a Minion too!

The little one eyed minions are my favourite, and I did consider making a huge one eyed version of this, but I haven’t been able to find anything I could use for the lens. So two eyed it is! I’ve only found one other Minion Goggles pattern, but that one looked more like a sleep mask whereas I was going for real(ish)ism.

Check out the free pattern (including how to size it to your own head or that of your child/lover/pet) after the jump.

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Shrunken Head (Free Pattern)

Howdy. A day later than usual I know, but forgive me – I was re-jigging a totally awesome pattern for you.

Earlier in the week, I was watching the ever fantastic QI, a British TV panel comedy show based around general knowledge and random facts, presented by the wonderful Stephen Fry. The episode featured shrunken heads, and Mr Fry gave out some genuine fake shrunken heads from Ecuador (I think – I may be wrong with the location!). They were made from goats skin, not humans, but straight away I wanted to crochet one.

Here’s the result:

Amiguruthi Shrunken Head (1)


Close up:

Amiguruthi Shrunken Head (36)


I played around with hook sizes a bit, so the one on the left is bigger since it’s made on a 3.5mm E hook and is more true to life, fills the palm of your hand size, whereas the one on the right uses a 2mm hook and is slightly smaller, so would be less distracting to say, hang from your car’s rear view mirror. Add a lavender sachet and it becomes a creepy air freshener.

I spent ages frogging and shaping them, only to remember near the end that Wooly Toons has an excellent pattern on her site too. But her’s are based on the Beetlejuice characters, whereas mine are more aimed towards the real ones. One can never have too many option when it comes to tiny noggings though, it must be said 😉

Free pattern for your own totem after the jump.

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Midweek Squee: Phone case (free pattern)

I didn’t update the blog this weekend because I was in an absolutely foul mood and had also spent the week battling with a rather sick kitty (tip for cat owners – mixing the antibiotics with cream cheese is a God send!). I’ve got a pattern I’m really pleased with coming this weekend though, as long as some decorative bits I need to finish turn up in the post.

Tonight though (it’s 10:25pm here) I’ve whipped up a quick little pattern, not an amigurumi but a way of saying thank you for putting up with the erratic updates of late!

The stripy phone case:

Amiguruthi stripy phone case

I know, I’m not breaking any moulds here. That’s why this is a Midweek Squee shorty rather than my big weekend posts.

The case shown is for a Samsung Galaxy Ace (the WORST phone in the world, but I’m stuck with it until 2015. Stupid contracts). Don’t worry though, I’ll tell you how to work it out for your own phone.

Free pattern after the jump.

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Panda (Free Pattern)

Following my post last week, and the mention of there being thousands of owl patterns in the crochet world, Kim from KreepyKim’s Freak Boutique and I started discussing other animals we wanted to see rendered in yarn. I decided I wanted to see a realistic baby panda. There are some adorably cute cartoony panda patterns out there (special shout out to Pandapple by AmiguruMEI). There are a couple of realistic panda patterns I found too, but nothing that looked quite right to me. All a little old. I wanted these aged pandas:

How cute is silly panda?!

I’m not quite sure I managed to really babyficate my panda, but here’s the result (Yarndango 46):

Amiguruthi Panda Amiguruthi Panda

I was going for sorta slumped forward (because baby panda are apparently made from the same kind of fluid as cats). He’s not quite as slumpy as I’d intended, but he hit the cuteness factor I was looking for. Maybe he’s a teenager panda rather than a toddler panda?

Anyway, click through the jump for the free pattern.

Panda! Away!

Amiguruthi Panda

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Smaug the Dragon (Free Pattern Link)

It’s been Comic Con this last week. Being in the UK and incredibly poor I couldn’t go, although I have caught up on the news and lived vicariously through friends who were there. But it’s just not the same. *Sigh* Maybe next year.

Because of Comic Con, I decided to go geeky this week on the blog. Ladies and gentlemen – Amiguruthi is the Mother of Dragons!

Amiguruthi Dragon

Ok, so actually the pattern is for Smaug the Dragon, who is the evil dragon in The Hobbit. Also Daenerys’ dragons are green, white and black not blue, but meh. This isn’t my pattern, it’s by ChrysN on Instructables – click the link above to go to the free pattern download. I found it months and months ago, and started it straight away, then got distracted by something and he’s been sat in my project tin, missing a wing for longer than I care to think about. ChrysN’s Smaug looks like this:

Credit: ChrysN, Instructables, link in body of blog

Credit: ChrysN, Instructables, link in body of blog

Pretty fearsome right? And look at the glowing eyes! She (I assume she, someone correct me if they know differently!) does detail how to do the electronics in the pattern, which I was all set to do then I sourced all the stuff and it was going to cost too much. So my version just has safety eyes.
Close up time!

Amiguruthi DragonFrom tail to nose, he’s roughly 30cm. I made mine with a 2mm crochet hook, so he’s probably slightly smaller than the original which was made with a 2.5mm hook. I didn’t add the spikes down his back because I’m not convinced I like them. I wanted my dragon to look a bit cuddlier, and they didn’t really fit. I am debating about doing felt spikes though – opinions welcome in the comments!

Amiguruthi DragonThe pattern was quite a nice one to follow. I made a few changes during the making because some of the instructions were either incorrect or I was having a blonde day when I read them and couldn’t work them out (the latter is entirely probable!). I also decided I like the look of the back feet more so did all four feet the same, whereas the original pattern has bendy front legs.

The body of the dragon is made in three separate parts, mainly so the electronics can be put in easily. If I had decided earlier on in the process that I wasn’t doing the electronics then I would probably have just crocheted it all in one piece and stuffed as I went because it would be possible, so there’s a tip for you. Doing it in three separate pieces is nice and easy, and essential if you’re adding the LED eyes, but I’ve ended up with a weird join between tail and body that I could’ve avoided.

I absolutely LOVE the shaping of the face. It’s no so clear in the photos, but there’s a little eyebrow ridge that is just perfect and the ears are just so dang cute. The wings are really nice as well, although I got very confused when making them about which end was which (luckily there’s an assembly photo later on which cleared that up).

He’s got a colour change belly too, which was a pain to do but so worth all the tying off of threads:

Amiguruthi DragonSo there’s my dragon. I quite fancy making my own realistic dragon pattern now for a much bigger, more posed dragon. Might be a future plan (there’s lots of WIPs in my house at the moment!).

The only thing left to do is name him. Suggestions encouraged!


Giant Rubber Duck (Free Pattern)

Last week I posted this status on my Facebook page:

‘I fancy designing and crocheting a really big duck. I’m talking huge. Huggable size. I have no idea why this desire has come into my head. I think I just want to see my cat next to a really big duck tbh.’

Wish granted:

Amiguruthi Giant Rubber DuckSqueak does not look impressed. I however am more than happy:

Amiguruthi Giant DuckDUCK FACE!

Ok, here’s a better picture of the duck its self. He picked up a few friends.

Amiguruthi Giant Rubber DuckMore photos and the free pattern after the jump.

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Kerbal (Free Pattern)

Amiguruthi is boldly going where no amigurumi has gone before (probably) – SPACE.

Or near space anyway.

Let me explain.

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a lovely bloke in the states for a commission. He’d seen my Readers Gallery and was interested in the Kerbal I’d featured. We discussed it further, during which I’d said I didn’t make the featured Kerbal and offered to put him in touch with the original crocheter, however he decided he’d like to commission a whole new amiguruthi original from me instead, making a slightly bigger Kerbal for a near space balloon project (one of those where they send up a balloon to the edge of space to take photos). Yup – my yarny creation is going to be an almost astronaut!

Here’s the first result (Yarndango 40):

Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi Kerbal


This one is called John. His new owner liked him so much he commissioned a second one too, this one with a screaming face:

Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi KerbalHe’s called Glenn (Yarndango 41?). I hope his screaming isn’t portentous for the mission. Although Kerbal’s are meant to die horrible painful deaths in space travel related crashes…

Free pattern is after the jump if you fancy making your own.

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Giant Push Pin (Free Pattern Link)

So last week Sunday passed by with no blog update because I was celebrating the final hand in for my university essays. I got all my results back, I’ve passed everything AND got two thirds of a Masters Degree into the bargain, which is pretty darned good. I’ve NOT passed my teaching course entirely yet – that assessment comes in the next couple of weeks – but it’s nice to have the essay portion over and done with!

Anyway, because school is all about stationery, I decided to crochet myself Jean Herman’s Gigantic Pushpin for Yarndango this week.

Amiguruthi Pushpin Amiguruthi Pushpin


Look! It’s as big as my crochet hook! I saw the pattern months and months ago and was more amused than I probably should be. It’s a really nice pattern, super simple to do and a good way to spend a brainless hour or so. And at the end – giant stationery! I want to make a whole set with lots of differently coloured pushpins, some paper clips, perhaps even a stapler. For teh lolz. Then I remember that I don’t really have room for the collection in my house.

But then I remember, I have a classroom to decorate…