Yahtzee Zero Punctuation (Free Pattern)

Right guys, here’s Yarndango entry whatevermabob the post I had intended to put up last week until I lost the pattern (it was lurking on my desktop called something stupid – I found it by accident!). Although to be fair the post last week about things I wish I knew before I picked up my hook proved to be pretty popular!

This week, heeeeere’s Yahtzee!

amiguruthi yahtzee amiguruthi yahtzee


For those of you who have just looked at the photo and have no idea who I’m on about, Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw is a video games reviewer on the Escapist website in a segment called Zero Punctuation. Now, I’m a casual gamer at best, but I still love ZP. His reviews are always hilariously sardonic, and it’s all little animated stills with a fast paced voice over, generally trashing the latest release (occasionally praising it too). The guy above is Yahtzee’s avatar in the videos, and I’ve been meaning to immortalise him in crochet for a very long time.

I am going to give out the free pattern to this, although I don’t have permission. I can’t find a contact address directly for Yahtzee to ask permission, and I don’t think the Facebook page is a) manned by the man himself or b) slow moving enough for any post of mine to be seen by him in amongst the fanboy wailing. So Yahtzee, if you do stumble upon this and disapprove, give me a hollar ok? :p

Pattern and more photos after the jump.

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