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If you have any recommendations, suggestions, feedback or want to send me photos of amigurumi you’ve made using my patterns, please drop me a message on my Facebook page:

In keeping with most of the lovely bloggers online who taught me this craft without me ever having to spend a penny, all my patterns are free and you can sell anything you make using them. All I ask is that you credit me as the designer, and that you don’t repost my patterns without linking back to me and instead try to pass them off as your own. If you do that, I’ll cry.

10 thoughts on “Contact / Selling

  1. I love the soldier pattern! I would like to make the small soldiers for my son’s platoon, US Army, Please let me know if this is possible.

      • Hi miss Jepson. We are’nt stalking you. We just happened to come across this website. Its Dom, Sidra, Habiba and Gurleen!!!!! Do you miss us? Where did you go? One day you were here then next day you gone. Anime club has already failed. Textiles will soon fail according to Habiba. Please reply. Sending the love NHTS!

        (if this isnt Miss Jepson please ignore and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused but if this is Miss Jepson please reply!)

        • Stalkers :p Hello you four. Yes you found me (although I cannot imagine how!). I had some health issues which have necessitated me leaving teaching unfortunately (I am however working to support disabled University students, so still in education!). I do very much miss you and all my awesome students, and not being able to say goodbye was actually more than a little heartbreaking for me. You will not fail Textiles Habiba because I know you wouldn’t let me down like that and I’m sure they have only recruited the best to replace me! Plus all four of you are incredibly talented young people who can do anything you put your mind to (even tracking down ex teachers who really need to update their blog!). Thank you for commenting – please pass on my well wishes to everyone and I hope you completely dominate your last year of High School x

    • Hiya – depends which soldiers you mean? If it’s the little ones I could do them at about £4 each plus postage and packaging, which would differ depending on where you’re based. For the bigger ones I’d have to buy the yarn in so there’d be a small charge for that (I think it was about £5), then it’d be about £15 per soldier because they’re quite involved to make. So that’d work out at £50 plus the postage and packaging on top 🙂 You can contact me via Facebook if you’d like to go ahead with an order x

  2. Do you have a link to the actual jace planeswalker pattern that I can use? I’ve been looking everywhere on your post, and have seen no link to the pattern to make a jace myself. Thanks, and this isn’t to sell, its something to give to my brother for his birthday.

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