Midweek Squee: The Crochet Club House

Hiya everyone. I’m tagging this as a Midweek Squee despite it only being Monday because it really doesn’t fit any of my otherĀ categories.

In my teacher training I’ve been assigned two specialisms, the first being textiles, which I had to demonstrate enough knowledge of prior to gaining my place on the course, and second being Resistant Materials (wood, metal and plastic), which I was to build up by doing projects. My Lucky Tiny Kitty was part of one such project, and then I had a huge project to do too, which is what eventually became The Crochet Club House, which you may have heard me mention on my Facebook page.

So what is The Crochet Club House? Well, it’s this:

Amiguruthi Crochet Club House

For scale, this box stands maybe a foot and half tall by a foot wide and a foot and a half long. I made it from scratch and it contains everything a new crochet group needs for start up. See the innards and let me explain much more clearly after the jump!

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